LATEST: English soccer star David Beckham fears for the health of his son ROMEO after the three-year-old was admitted to a Madrid hospital twice last week (begs03OCT05) suffering from convulsions.

Romeo's continuing ill health forced the England captain to delay joining his team for their World Cup qualifying match against Austria on Saturday (08OCT05) so he could stay with wife VICTORIA at their son's bedside.

Speaking after the match, Beckham was pessimistic about any sign of improvement.

When asked if he had received any good news he replied, "Not really. Not that positive."

And Beckham admits this has been a stressful time in his life.

He said, "It's been a tough week for the whole family. It's worrying when your son goes into hospital twice in three days (sic).

"It's probably been one of the worst weeks of my life because of what's happened to my son. It's been hard."