Sports star David Beckham has been hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of a stranded family whose car broke down on a busy road on Wednesday (09Feb11).
Paul Long was taking his two young kids to school when his Nissan broke down, leaving the family trapped on a roundabout in Sawbridgeworth, England - near Beckham's U.K. residence.
And the dad-of-two admits he was stunned when the soccer ace pulled over and ran through traffic to lend them a hand.
Long tells Britain's The Sun, "It was hair-raising having children in the back. We had been there for ten minutes. I couldn't do anything - cars were whizzing past.
"(Beckham) had negotiated his way through the traffic on foot. I wound the window down and said, 'You're David Beckham!' His next words were, 'Are you OK?'
"I said, 'Yes, but can you push us over to the side?' He said, 'I'll try.'"
And the 47 year old admits Beckham's act of kindness made his day, adding, "The emotion of it all got to me. I said, 'Thank you David. I love you, mate!' I think he was slightly embarrassed. My kids were awestruck."