English soccer hero David Beckham is having feng shui symbols sewn into his football boots to help boost his career.

The REAL MADRID star and ENGLAND captain was devastated when his team crashed out of the EURO 2004 championships in Portugal in June (04).

His performance in the England matches have been blamed on the stress placed on his marriage to pop singer Victoria Beckham through revelations of alleged affairs with his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos and prostitute SARAH MARBECK.

Beckham begged his boot supplier ADIDAS to use ancient Chinese belief to assist them in the footwear design, which will cost $900 (GBP500).

Beckham says, "I'm very proud to wear these boots because they represent the idea of yin and yang."

A mystical source says, "Monks from the far east and even feng shui experts were consulted to help Beckham find a spiritual balance in his feet.

"They watched hours of footage of him in action before determining the correct set up."

03/08/2004 03:01