Soccer hunk David Beckham has splashed out on a $144,000 (GBP80,000) RANGE ROVER for his wife VICTORIA's parents - to apologise for all the media pressure stemming from his alleged infidelities.

The glamorous couple hit the headlines in April (04) when the Real Madrid player's former personal assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she had a steamy affair with Beckham in Madrid, while the ex-SPICE GIRL was pursuing her pop career.

Last month (JUN04) Victoria's mother JACKIE ADAMS went on a local radio station to angrily dismiss recent media allegations that the couple are unhappy.

Before the Beckhams left England for a romantic getaway in Morocco, the sports star gave Jackie and husband TONY the dark silver Vogue, complete with leather interior, satellite navigation, DVD player and LCD (liquid crystal display) TV screens.

A family friend says, "It was a gift to say sorry for all the hassle he had put Tony, Jackie and their daughter through.

"David felt it was necessary to say thank you for their support. When Victoria is unhappy, her parents are unhappy. David hates that he put them through all that."

09/07/2004 13:27