British soccer ace David Beckham is being mercilessly teased by his teammates at Spanish club Real Madrid after receiving an ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) last week (28NOV03).

The sexy sportsman - who is married to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA - has come under fire from jokey pals including Brazilian players RONALDO and ROBERTO CARLOS who have decided to address Beckham as "Sir" from now on.

BECKS laughs, "Some of the players have got mixed up and are calling me 'Sir', 'Your Majesty' and 'Your Highness' and bowing at my feet. So it's all been quite funny.

"They saw pictures of me and Victoria at Buckingham Palace and have been taking the mickey out of me ever since. They keep asking me to show then the OBE, but I don't think I'll be risking taking it to training."

01/12/2003 02:13