Soccer ace David Beckham's former bodyguards are plotting to sell secrets about the hunk's private life - because they're furious his pop star wife VICTORIA sacked them.

The 11 Cubans - who claim they are owed unpaid wages - spent three months working close to the England captain before they were accused of leaking information to the press by the former SPICE GIRL.

Now the muscle-bound men are offering personal information about their former employer for $900,000 (GBP500,000), and the group's leader - DELFIN FERNANDEZ - is thought to have records which offer a revealing insight into David's relationship with his "female friends".

A source close to Fernandez says, "The bodyguards claim to have a lot to tell the world about David. They know all his female friends and what he spends his money on.

"They have been very loyal to David, arranging anything he wants, and deserve a lot better."

26/01/2004 03:06