Soccer ace David Beckham has refused to publicly deny allegations of his infidelity, because he's learned responding to such claims only "gives people more ammunition".

The hunky REAL MADRID star - husband of former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA - became the focus of a media frenzy earlier this year (04) when his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she'd had an affair with him.

And although Victoria has rubbished the allegations, David has remained silent when quizzed about the facts behind his personal life in a bid to prevent the speculation worsening.

He explains, "Everyone likes to say what they're thinking. But I've learned over the years that sometimes if you respond it gives people more ammunition to come back at you with.

"Sometimes you can respond to things and make things worse. Unfortunately, that's the way of life at the moment. But I'm happy right now - as long as my family is OK, nothing affects me.

"People can say what they like, but me and Victoria will always stay together as husband and wife."

02/06/2004 02:40