David Beckham will reveal all about his alleged affair with former assistant Rebecca Loos in an upcoming British TV interview.

Bosses at the BBC are hoping the show will have a similar impact to MARTIN BASHIR's revealing insight into late British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales in 1995 -when she confessed to having an affair.

Beckham's marriage to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA fell under the British media's microscope once again last month (APR05) when the couple's former nanny ANNIE GIBSON told the NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper her former colleagues are on the verge of divorce.

But the Beckhams are adamant they are still deeply in love following the birth of their third son CRUZ earlier this year (FEB05).

A source tells British newspaper THE PEOPLE, "David's advisors have actively encouraged him to agree to do this show.

"David is determined to come over as honest and open, in a way he hasn't always come over."

08/05/2005 14:36