Soccer stud David Beckham is heading back to Los Angeles after plans to leave Major League Soccer club Galaxy and sign for AC Milan full-time fell through.
The sports superstar expressed a desire to sign with the Italian club after his two-month loan period finished, but the European team's bosses had failed to make the right offer to the U.S. team by deadline on Friday (13Feb09).
Beckham, who has served a year of his five-year contract with Galaxy, is expected to attend the club's training camp in March (09).
Galaxy boss Tim Leiweke says, "I know David is emotionally invested, but I dont think Milan really was that interested in spending the money we would have had to receive to compensate us for our losses. We need David to honour the contract and come home and lets stop the distraction. We look forward to seeing David back in camp."
The soccer star and his wife Victoria Beckham moved to Los Angeles with their three sons in 2007.