Soccer superstar David Beckham confronted a potential love rival on air last week (31Aug07) when he challenged Los Angeles DJ RYAN SEACREST over a letter he penned to his wife VICTORIA. The sports hunk appeared on Seacrest's breakfast radio show on Friday (31Aug07) and told the DJ he knew all about his plans to steal the Spice Girls star away for a weekend. Seacrest, who also hosts TV talent show American Idol, confessed, "I have a crush on your wife," prompting Beckham to remark, "I heard that. You offered to take her away for a few days... That's nice." Seacrest went on to explain, "I felt that you are in a very difficult profession and you need your rest... and you might need time alone just to focus and rehabilitate. "I would be willing to step in and donate my time and services to Victoria." Good-natured Beckham laughed and said, "I'm sure you would," adding he had read a letter Seacrest had sent to his wife: "I would have done the same in your position, don't worry."