Soccer superstar David Beckham has run up an incredible $692,552 (GBP432,875) bill in just three months at the Spanish hotel he is using as a home.

The Real Madrid player has been staying at the plush SANTA MAURA hotel in Madrid with his pop star wife VICTORIA and their sons BROOKLYN, four, and ROMEO, one, while they search for a house in the Spanish capital.

The cost stems from two suites Beckham hired at the five-star resort costing $128,480 (GBP80,300), plus a bill of $86,856 (GBP54,285) at the restaurant, $28,800 (GBP18,000) on room service, $123,200 (GBP77,000) on guests and $10,960 (GBP6,850) in the bar.

Big-spending Beckham has also splashed out on keeping a fleet of cars parked at $28,800 (GBP18,000), massages, a birthday party for Romeo and laundry service.

And Beckham's generous nature has made him a popular hotel resident.

A source says, "David is without doubt our favourite guest. We are used to powerful people but he has been a real pleasure. He is always polite and friendly and has signed autographs for guests and staff."

30/10/2003 13:27