British soccer ace David Beckham has sacked 12 of his Real Madrid bodyguards after fearing they were exploiting his name.

The superstar reportedly suspected his minders of betraying his secrets and using his name to order top cars.

Cuban security chief DELFIN FERNANDEZ and his team were employed by the England captain to provide round-the-clock security following his $42.5 million (GBP25 million) move to the Spanish super-team last year (JUN03).

A source says, "David suspected they were up to no good.

"He wasn't sure but decided he couldn't work with them any more."

Beckham's wife VICTORIA is delighted to see the back of the Latino team, who spent more time staring at her body than looking out for danger.

A source adds, "Victoria didn't like that. She didn't think it was respectful enough."

11/01/2004 14:07