Celebrities are bombarding their agents with nervous phone calls following the shocking claims made by VICTORIA and David Beckham's ex-nanny, fearing they too will become the victims of bitter former staff.

Public relations (PR) workers for some of Britain's biggest names are being confronted with fears 22-year-old ABBIE GIBSON's explosive allegations in British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD have paved the way for other money-motivated ex-employees to sell their stories to the media.

The surge in calls coincided with the news the Beckhams are taking Gibson to court for breach of confidentiality, after she revealed in the 24 April (05) edition of the British publication the famous couple are on the verge of splitting up after a series of vicious rows.

PR guru MAX CLIFFORD says, "The biggest part of my job is stopping stories. I've had so many calls in the past few days from major stars and former clients who are genuinely worried now. Suddenly that confidentiality argument is open to question."

27/04/2005 14:00