Soccer superstar David Beckham has recorded an emotional Christmas message for British soldiers in Iraq, thanking them for putting his troubled year into perspective.

The ENGLAND Captain insists the widely-publicised claims he cheated on his wife VICTORIA earlier this year (04) are nothing compared to the horrific conditions suffered by the troops.

And he was desperate to thank them for their efforts, so recorded the morale-boosting greeting, which will be aired on BRITISH FORCES BROADCASTING SERVICES RADIO (BFBS) on New Year's Eve (31DEC04).

A spokesperson for BFBS explains, "The message will be broadcast to armed forces around the world. Every year we try and get a celebrity to say a few words of encouragement to the troops and David was fantastic."

An insider adds, "He hasn't had the best of years but he knows what he has been through is nothing compared to what the Forces have had to contend with. When he was approached to do this he jumped at the chance."

21/12/2004 03:06