LATEST: David Beckham's alleged 'mistress' Rebecca Loos has hit back at TV talent show judge Sharon Osbourne, branding her a "vulgar bully" for her scathing attacks on her singing. Osbourne publicly derided Loos - famous for her kiss-and-tell on the soccer star - on a celebrity version of talent contest THE X-FACTOR last week (27MAY06). The rock matriarch is a close friend of former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA and has made no secret of her feelings for Loos, telling the pretty brunette, "You should try doing tomorrow night's show with your knickers on". Loos tells British tabloid the Sunday Mirror, "I've kept a dignified silence - but the perfect word to describe Sharon is 'bully'. "What she said to me was vulgar and cheap. "Money can buy you clothes, looks, style, but you have to be born with elegance and class. "There are a lot of people out there like Sharon and Victoria Beckham who don't have it. I do, it was the way I was brought up." Loos also blames the jeering audience on Sharon's daughter Kelly Osbourne, insisting, "Kelly was behind a lot of it, it came from her section".