Soccer superstar David Beckham and Usher are two of a handful of celebrities who've returned their Hummer jeeps to the manufacturer, after safety concerns were raised following a spate of accidents involving the fashionable vehicle.

Four drivers have reportedly lost control of their Hummers after a steering joint cracked - one American driver is said to have veered into traffic while three others lost a wheel.

GENERAL MOTORS has now recalled 64,000 of the vehicles - Beckham only took ownership of his $100,000 (GBP55,000) imported Hummer last month (NOV04) after having $32,000 (GBP18,000) of extras fitted.

An insider says, "Loads of famous people will now be handing them back, including Usher and Justin Timberlake.

"It's a pain. Hummers may be big and ugly but they are the ultimate status symbol - the trendiest car around."

12/12/2004 11:04