Soccer superstar David Beckham has laughed off outlandish claims from a Spanish glamour model that she's had sex with him - and was disappointed by his small penis.

Notorious NURIA BERMUDEZ, who publicly 'targetted' Beckham when he moved to Spain to play for Real Madrid last summer (03), indicated on live TV the sporting icon had cheated on his pop star wife VICTORIA with her.

On irreverent late night Spanish TV show CRONICAS MARCIANAS (From Mars) another guest told host JAVIER SARDA, "Guess what Nuria told me just now? That's she's bedded David Beckham."

Another guest added, "Yes, and she told me he's got a small willy and he f***s badly."

When asked if this was true or not, Nuria replied, "Ask his bodyguards."

She added later, "Why am I going to deny something that's true?"

The Beckhams have refused to comment on the allegations, however a source tells British newspaper THE DAILY STAR, "They don't want to give this woman credibility by making any comment about her.

"She is a complete pain and a publicity seeker."

26/03/2004 02:43