Soccer ace David Beckham has attempted to end speculation about the state of his marriage to wife VICTORIA - by declaring how happy they are together.

The Real Madrid player confronted reports that the British golden couple's fairytale marriage was falling apart, because of the former Spice Girls's work in London and New York.

Ever since the ENGLAND captain and his young family moved to Spain, there has been reports that Victoria was unhappy with moving so far from family and friends.

But David insists, "People can talk as much as they like, but I'd just like to let people to know that my wife is very happy here.

"But the thing is, she'll always work and always go to London and America and that is the reason why she is not here every day. One of the major reasons for coming here was to get a house and settle down properly. I've been in a hotel for three months, which was great. But to have my own house so that my family and me feel more settled will be even better and hopefully it will make me a better player.

"I have to say, though, that I am already fully focused on the football. Moving to Madrid was one of the best decisions I've ever made."

06/11/2003 21:02