David Beckham was furious with this father for agreeing with his former coach Sir Alex Ferguson that the soccer ace should not have missed training to nurse his sick child BROOKLYN.

The sports star, who now plays for Real Madrid, phoned his former boss Ferguson to say he would not be able to attend practice with his former club Manchester United, because there was no one else to look after his young son.

David's father TED BECKHAM, 51, reveals in his new book DAVID BECKHAM, MY SON, that the incident, which happened in February 2000, was a difficult time for him because he didn't agree with David's actions.

He says, "I think Fergie felt VICTORIA should have missed work to nurse (Brooklyn) and he went ballistic when David returned to training the next day. That was tough for me to deal with because deep down I agreed with Fergie."

This caused problems between Ted and his son, who reprimanded his father for not supporting him. He said, "Why do you always stick up for the boss? You're always sticking up for him. Why?"

But Ted insisted he had to be honest with David despite the risk to their relationship: "I think it was hard for David to accept criticism but I felt I had to say something."