Soccer star David Beckham has pledged his love to wife VICTORIA by spending $5,000 (GBP2,500) on a new tattoo. The L.A Galaxy star's new design shows the Spice Girl posing as a naked angel - a copy of his favourite photo of his wife from a Brigitte Bardot-inspired shoot for Pop magazine almost four years ago. The tattoo - inked onto his left arm - is Beckham's 11th. He already boasts designs bearing his wife and three sons' names. It is believed the tattoo is part of Beckham's mission to cover himself head-to-toe in angel-inspired images, just like Prison Break character Michael Scofield. But Wentworth Miller, who plays Scofield, is not a fan of the body art. He says, "I think his idea to join up tattoos will work, but I don't envy him for having it done. That's a lots of work and a lot of pain."