Soccer superstar and expectant dad David Beckham insists it's his wife VICTORIA's "brilliant sense of humour" which keeps him going through tough times.

During his darkest final days at Manchester United before moving to REAL MADRID, the former SPICE GIRL joked with him to take "Preparation H" pile cream with him to games, because he was spending too much time on the bench.

He says, "She does that kind of thing all the time. That's just my wife and that's what people don't understand, her brilliant sense of humour.

"She doesn't love football (soccer) as much as I do - of course she doesn't - but the thing that is great about her is that she supports me in every game possible.

"And the most important thing for me is not that she loves football but that's she's an amazing mother. That, ultimately, is all that counts."

25/10/2004 09:21