Soccer star David Beckham has reportedly dashed the dreams of a young boy who won a charity auction prize to meet his idol.
Jeanne Kelly paid $7,000 (GBP3,500) for the package, which included flights to Los Angeles; a stay in the city and VIP tickets to watch Beckham's team L.A. Galaxy play on Saturday (21Jun08).
The prize was a treat for her son Conor's seventh birthday; but he was left grounded at the last minute when the star pulled out, reports the New York Post.
Kelly says, "They told me there was a breach of security and David's not doing it... They're keeping us in the dark. Conor is heartbroken. He said, 'Doesn't Beckham know it's my birthday present?' He is my son's hero."
She adds her sister, Diane, purchased an identical package for her own 13-year-old son. And although neither family has been reimbursed for their purchase, she's hesitant to ask for her money back because it was to be donated to Charley's Fund - a charity which raises money to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
But Los Angeles-based entertainment group ACE - which is said to have provided the package - insists Conor will still pick up the prize.
ACE President Max Soto tells the New York Post the event has just "been postponed", adding, "It was never intended to be promoted on David alone. There were internal issues."
A spokesperson for Beckham denies that he and the Galaxy were ever informed of the event: "It's unfortunate they lost their money. David would never not honour a charity he was supposed to do."