Soccer superstar David Beckham turned to pal Tom Cruise to make sure he'd made the right decision to sign up for life in Hollywood. The English sports hero stunned fans on Thursday (11JAN07) when he announced he'd signed a five-year $250 million (GBP128 million) contract to play for America's Major League Soccer team the LA Galaxy. And he has been calling Cruise, who invited Beckham and his wife VICTORIA to his Italian wedding last year (06), to get advice. Speaking via satellite from his current home in Spain at a hastily-organised press conference yesterday (12JAN07), the former England soccer captain said, "I was on the phone to him for about an hour last night and then an hour the night before. "I asked him for his advice... because he's a very wise man, he's a very good friend of mine... He couldn't speak any higher than what he was saying about LA and that's gonna be a big help for us, to have friends actually when we arrive in LA." Cruise was one of the first people to find out about his pal's move to the US. Beckham adds, "I phoned him and said there might be an announcement."