Soccer superstar David Beckham and American football hero REGGIE BUSH have swapped sports for a new Adidas campaign. Beckham tried on Bush's New Orleans Saints helmet and jersey while Bush showed off his soccer skills for the sporting showdown, which took place recently in Madrid, Spain - where England star Beckham recently ended his stint with champions Real Madrid. The meeting came as Beckham was preparing for his new life in America, where he'll play for Major League Soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy. And swapping sports with Heisman Trophy-winning running back Bush for the afternoon has given Beckham a new-found interest in his new pal's game. The soccer star says, "I've never been to an American football game... Everyone - the fans, the players - seems so passionate about it. I'm definitely going to get myself to some games." During the switched sports showdown, Bush attempted to bend it like Beckham and score a goal past his new pal, while the England hero tried to kick a record-breaking field goal. The Adidas-organised meeting of sporting giants features online at The sporting firm sponsors both superstars. Beckham begins his tenure with the Galaxy next month (Jul07), while Bush's Saints are among the favourites to land a Super Bowl berth next year (08).