David Beckham has banished his wife VICTORIA to her own bathroom after growing tired of her untidy ways.
The soccer star, who admits having obsessive-compulsive disorder tendencies, revealed earlier this year (10) how he has to straighten up the former Spice Girl's closet because she leaves her clothes awry.
And after 11 years of marriage, the superstar couple is using separate en-suites - because the sports ace is struggling to cope with the former Spice Girl's messy habits.
He tells InStyle magazine, "She always leaves her drawers open (and) leaves the toothpaste top off too. It's kind of her mess, though. It's her bathroom. It's not down to me.
Victoria adds, "He means like cupboard drawers, not as in knickers! I'm very messy. Clean, but very messy.
"We're lucky enough to have separate bathrooms. David's is all dark wood, very masculine. Mine is very modern, black and white. David's products are all hidden away, whereas mine are quite on show. David's pretty tidy. He doesn't really have any annoying bathroom habits."