Soccer superstar David Beckham is devastated his new coach banned him from making his Hollywood debut in blockbuster movie GOAL!

The 29-year-old hunk and his fellow Real Madrid player ZINEDINE ZDANE were scheduled to arrive at Britain's Pinewood Studios last week (begs24JAN05) to film their roles in the $190 million (GBP100 million) soccer movie.

But new coach WANDERLEY LUXEMBURG ordered Beckham to cancel his planned appearance less than 72 hours before filming, to ensure he focused on his performance on the pitch instead

A source reveals, "Beckham was gutted. He was really looking forward to doing the film. This was due to be his first Hollywood break and it's about his big passion - football.

"But Luxemburgo pulled the plug at the last minute. He made it difficult for Beckham as he's signed the deal to star in the film.

"But Luxemburgo has made it very clear his acting career is not his top priority while he's at Real Madrid."

30/01/2005 14:14