The woman who claimed to have enjoyed an affair with David Beckham has been exposed as making up the alleged relationship.

SARAH MARBECK, 29, who boasted of having passionate fling with Beckham while his wife VICTORIA was pregnant with son ROMEO, has had her claims exposed as being false after her diary entries were found where she admitted the affair was a "lie".

Marbeck's ex-boyfriend ANDREAS MARKOS, who found the diary, says, "The whole affair is a complete and utter sham.

"I should know because Sarah told me so.

"She made the whole story up because she was desperate for cash and fame. She even tried to entrap Harrison Ford but he was lucky enough to escape.

"All she was interested in was the money and fame. The girl is an utter fantasist."

In Marbeck's diary, the barrister's daughter allegedly wrote that "she didn't sleep" with the REAL MADRID soccer star.

25/07/2004 21:37