Soccer superstar David Beckham's alleged mistress SARAH MARBECK says she's still in love with the sportsman and is "deeply upset" by his denials of their relationship.

Stunning Marbeck - a model and former escort girl - told of how she and Beckham "fell in love at first sight" when they met in 2000, just months after he married former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA in a lavish ceremony.

And Marbeck is furious the ENGLAND captain refuses to acknowledge their romance, and continues to deny allegations he slept with both her and former personal assistant Rebecca Loos as "ludicrous".

Speaking on Australian television, Sarah described her first meeting with Beckham, saying: "You know what it is like, you walk into a room and you see someone for the first time and it's not just a stranger, there is sparks, it was like magic, you can't take your eyes off each other.

"I never believed in love at first sight, but as soon as I met him I was like, that does happen, love at first sight."

And Marbeck, 29, denies her decision to come forward with the allegations was motivated by greed, explaining it was Beckham's cruel treatment of her that provoked her.

She added: "I have waited three years and been really loyal to him. I don't believe in talking in graphic detail about what happens between two people when they are together.

"I haven't described every detail to the paper. I am not obsessed with celebrity and wealth."

19/04/2004 17:05