Celebrated photographer David Bailey was left shocked during a dinner engagement with SIR Mick Jagger in the 1960s, after the rocker pocketed a tip intended for the waitresses.

Bailey, who befriended the Rolling Stones frontman in his hey day, suggests the WILD HORSES singer is every bit as careful with money as his ex-wife BIANCA claims after witnessing the singer's behaviour after a meal at a London restaurant.

He laughs, "Shortly after we met, Mick asked me to take him to a 'posh' restaurant. I think he liked my lifestyle, especially all the girls, although I was then much more of a bad boy than he was.

"I decided we should go to a place called the CASSEROLE down the King's Road. I remember that Mick paid, which was unusual in those days because back then he never paid for anything.

"I told him to leave a tip and he said, 'Leave a tip? What the f*** for?' I said it was normal practice and suggested he leave a 10-shilling note, one of those old brown banknotes.

"Mick put the 10-bob note on the plate, but as we were putting our coats on, I noticed his hand slip out and put the 10 shillings back in his pocket."

12/08/2003 00:14