Veteran British nature broadcaster Sir David Attenborough had to call in a team of lawyers to deal with online imposters who were using his name to send lewd messages to fans.

Attenborough has revealed he was shocked to find out fans had been receiving rude messages from hoaxers purporting to be the 87-year-old Tv star on websites such as Twitter and Facebook, and he immediately took legal action to have the fake profiles removed.

He tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "There are at least two sites that say they are me and I have to get a lawyer to get them taken down. On Facebook and Twitter, there are obscene ones. They're horrible, rude - er, sexy-rude - so you have to get them taken down... God knows why they do it, I don't."

Attenborough goes on to insist he doesn't have accounts on any social networking website, and wants fans to know he is definitely not behind the saucy notes, adding, "So if anyone wants to know, I do not have any social networking (profiles). If you get a lewd message, it's not from me."