Wacky movie star David Arquette has such crazy tastes, his wife COURTENEY COX has banished his kooky collections from their lounge.

Style queen Courteney, who plays fussy homemaker Monica in Friends, admits many of her husband's favourite pieces of furniture and his collections of dolls and toy pigs leave her scratching her head.

She says, "David has this table of a bondage lady from A Clockwork Orange. She's dressed in black leather, down on all fours, and there's a piece of glass on her back.

"It is an artistic piece, but trying to incorporate that into the new decor is a challenge.

"He also has an entire collection of small pigs. They're so tiny. I mean, why collect pigs?

"I can't stand a bunch of little things, but he likes them, so he has a separate room for that stuff - it's his office."

05/06/2003 13:42