David Arquette has been caught in the middle of a sex scandal after a romp with a stripper in 1997 has come back to haunt him in the pages of a US tabloid.

ERIKA KEITH has taken her story and photobooth pictures to US publication National Enquirer, claiming she enjoyed a night of passion with the oddball actor - a year after he started dating Courteney Cox, his current wife.

The tabloid claims Keith's story stands up because the 32-year-old, now a masseuse, passed a lie detector test.

The former stripper claims she was attracted to Arquette as she performed all-nude lap dances for him at an Atlanta, Georgia, club, and slipped him her phone number, asking the actor to call her the next day - which he did.

Keith alleges the SCREAM star met up with her and some friends at a bar the following evening for a night of drinking and sex, and she was impressed with his bedroom skills, considering how drunk the actor was when she took him back to her apartment.

She says, "We had sex on the floor once, maybe twice. He was a good lover, but it was drunken sex so it was aggressive."

Keith's claims have been corroborated by a friend, who sat in the former stripper's lounge while Arquette had sex with her pal.

The tell-all article also features revealing pictures of a giggling Arquette kissing Keith's ample breasts, which were said to have been taken just before the odd couple went back to the apartment for sex.

A spokeswoman for Arquette says, "We don't really comment about those types of things."