Actor David Arquette named his new Hollywood nightclub after his mum after stumbling across a picture of her as a pin-up.
Bootsy Bellows opened recently and has already hit the headlines - Paris Hilton was leaving the venue when she was involved in a scuffle with the paparazzi last week (ends29Jun12) and Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 26th birthday there on Saturday night (30Jun12).
And now Arquette has revealed the inspiration behind the club's odd name.
During a pre-taped interview with U.S. reality TV star-turned-chat show host Bethenny Frankel, Arquette says, "It’s named after my mother... She did, like,... nude modelling.
"I was going through this book, because I’ve always loved pin-up models and all that kind of thing... and I come across a picture of my mom.
"And then (there's) another one (picture) and she’s, like, having a catfight with some other lady in lingerie. And she was alive at the time, and I’m like 18, and I go, 'Mom, look what I found'. And she goes, 'Oh David, you know we were just pretending. We weren’t really fighting.'
"(I'm like), 'But you’re naked!' She was like, 'The human body is beautiful'.
"So we opened this club, called Bootsy Bellows, and it’s singing and dancing and puppets. Because I’m a weirdo and I love puppets."