David Arquette has created a limited edition T-shirt

The 'Scream 4' actor has designed the garment - featuring the saying 'I Love Therefore I Am' - through his clothing line Propr, exclusively for xoJane.com, the new lifestyle site launched by Jane Pratt.

Speaking about the slogan, David - who is currently estranged from his wife Courteney Cox - said: "I've had a very complicated relationship with love. But you know, spirituality for me involves love, and love for my friends and my family. And goodness in people. Love is just a major theme in my life."

David launched his own fashion line Propr - with singer Ben Harper and David Bedwell - in 2009 because he claimed Courteney hated his clothes.

He said: "We see what jeans she likes - we look at different jeans and fits. She wanted me to wear a jean that's tighter. My butt always hangs out of my clothes, so she wanted something a little more attractive."

Along with seeking advice from his former wife, David has previously revealed he also relies on their daughter Coco, six, for help.

He added: "Coco wants to be a model now. We make her little couture dresses - she's had a couple made. It's great screen-printing little kids shirts."