David Arquette has always been "wild and crazy".

The 39-year-old actor - who has attracted attention with his wild partying since recently announcing he had separated from wife Courteney Cox Arquette - insists his behaviour is nothing out of the ordinary.

He told US TV talk show host George Lopez: "I've always been a wild man. My nickname was 'David Good Times.' I like running around, having fun.

"I like meeting people. I did that privately for a long time because I wasn't ever going out. Now, I'm in the nightclub business. I'm going out."

The 'Scream' star also admitted he doesn't care what has been written about him in the aftermath of his separation from Courteney - with who he has six-year-old daughter Coco - because he knows he is a "great" person.

He added: "I am a fun-loving, great person. I refuse to let these magazines vilify me, make me a demon. I am one of the best people you'll ever meet.

"I've always been wild and crazy ... why don't we all start focusing on being cooler ... like loving, caring people. I'm just sick of cutthroat society and everybody being jerks."

Last week, David was spotted partying with three young British tourists in a suite in the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles.

A source said: "David had befriended three attractive young British girls and ended up in a hotel room with them.

"He was drinking tequila and vodka and dancing closely with one gorgeous, leggy, dark-haired girl who was 21 and visiting from the UK. They had met earlier in the week and had been hanging out.

"The party got so rowdy that security knocked on the door to complain at about 3am.

"But David was polite and turned the music down. They emptied the mini-bar. Then David left at around 4am with the girls in tow."