COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE was lost for words when her zany husband David Arquette raided a neighbour's trash treasure trove as star spotters took photographs. The Hollywood couple were walking around their neighbourhood waving at tourist buses full of star hungry snappers when 8 Legged Freaks star Arquette spotted a chair on the sidewalk. A famous hoarder, the actor couldn't resist claiming the chair, even though his red-faced wife begged him to leave it where it was. She recalls, "There's tons of these tourbuses that come by and it's kind of embarrassing... because we look kinda goofy anyway. "Then David sees a bunch of trash outside someone's house - people are giving things away - and he said, 'Oh my God, look at that chair, that's fantastic.' "I'm like, 'David, come on, there's like seven Star Tours (buses) going by, please walk away!' "He took the chair and put it on his back and hid it behind a stop sign with some bushes until we could get back around (with a truck). It was really embarrassing."