Yesterday, Tmz broke the news that David Arquette finally got round to filing the divorce papers that he had apparently signed back in March 2012. They also caught up with his estranged wife, Courteney Cox - with whom he still professes to be "best friends" to ask her if she had any idea why he'd sat on the divorce papers for so long, without filing them.
When the celebrity news outlet finally caught up with the former Friends actress, she was looking far from distraught at the news of her divorce becoming public. In fact, she was so blase about it that her responses to Tmz's questioning was bordering on sarcasm. As they caught up with her after a classy meal at Malibu's Nobu restaurant, they asked, as she got into her car: "any idea why David took so long to file? He filled out the papers a few months ago.?" Without looking at the camera, and closing the car door behind her, Courteney simply said, with what seemed like mock surprise, "he did? Wow."
David and Courteney separated in 2010, after marrying in 1999. They released a joint statement that said "The reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage." Last year, they appeared together on Howard Stern's radio show, when the shock jock grilled them about the possibility of them getting back together. Courteney insisted that it would not be a good idea.