Courteney Cox-Arquette isn't a fan of getting older.

The 46-year-old actress admits she struggles with some of the stuff she used to take for granted and is now always one of the oldest people when she's at work.

She said: "One second ago I was the youngest person on the set, and now I'm the oldest. I'm so old, my joints hurt when I keep my legs crossed a certain way for too long. I need glasses to see a movie, to see the computer and to read a book. I was like really?"

Courteney - who has a six-year-old daughter Coco with husband David Arquette - also admitted she was hurt when she was the only cast member of 'Friends' not to receive a Primetime Emmy nomination.

Courteney - who played Monica Gellar-Bing for 10 years - told Emmy magazine: "My ego got really bruised. When everyone did but me, that doesn't feel good at all. There were certain years I thought, 'Maybe I have a shot,' like the Monica-Chandler years. But I don't know how it happens and why. maybe I wasn't ready."