David Arquette's daughter has inherited his eccentric style.

While eight-year-old Coco loves to wear garish outfits like her dad, her mother Courteney Cox has a more classic style and isn't too impressed.

David told In Touch magazine: ''She was wearing these little leggings - they were blue plaid - and she was wearing a lime-green shirt and purple sneakers. And she goes 'Mom, don't worry about it. Daddy likes my style.'''

David has previously revealed he encourages Coco's love of fashion and they like to spend their free time designing clothes for the young aspiring model.

He added: ''Coco wants to be a model now. We make her little couture dresses - she's had a couple made. It's great screen-printing little kids shirts.''

The 'Scream 4' actor launched his own fashion line Propr - with singer Ben Harper and David Bedwell - in 2009 because he claimed his ex-wife Courtney hated his clothes.

He said: ''We see what jeans she likes - we look at different jeans and fits. She wanted me to wear a jean that's tighter. My butt always hangs out of my clothes, so she wanted something a little more attractive.''