David Arquette's wacky new Hollywood theatre venture will include a bar where all the waiters are little people.
The Scream star has teamed up with Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher to create a new Madhouse venture at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, which will open for business in October (10) - and his wife Courteney Cox insists it will be an amazing place.
She explains, "It's gonna be this crazy theatre, where there's gonna be contortionists and burlesque dancers and puppeteers. There's gonna be a little person bar, where when you order a drink a little person will be lifted up and will fly to your table to deliver the drink.
"I have met some of these little people... and they can drink big."
Cox is sure the oddball new venture will be a huge hit in Hollywood: "It's never been done... It's right up David's alley."