Actor David Arquette insisted the killer in his new comedy horror movie The Tripper wore a Ronald Reagan mask because the late former President used to terrify him. In the new film - Arquette's big-screen directorial debut - the killer attacks music fans at a rock festival, and the Scream star admits the imagery of Reagan stalking youngsters gives his quirky movie a serious edge. He explains, "Reagan's policies had a direct effect on the world around me. I remember waking up one morning and you'd see homeless people all around you. "It happened pretty much overnight and it was pretty bizarre and it was a direct connection to a cut in mental health. "(I hope) the movie points out how a leader's decisions can have an affect on the world." But he doesn't want movie fans to dwell on the serious undertones of the movie too much - because he'd like the film to become a cult hit, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where fans gather weekly to watch the show at late-night cinemas and dress as their favourite characters. He adds, "I hope people make up games. I hope they sneak things in."