Eccentric SCREAM star David Arquette has named his biggest fashion heroes - pimps.

The actor, who is married to stylish Friends beauty Courteney Cox, has long been noted for his bizarre fashion sense and love of unusual items - such as Liberace's purple alligator shoes and the chair HUGH GRANT sat in to take his mugshot after his 1995 arrest for soliciting a prostitute.

But Arquette has now turned his eye to prostitutes' bosses - because he's fascinated with their colour co-ordination.

He says, "I love the way pimps dress. I don't really like their business practice, but I love the way they dress.

"I just like that they co-ordinate their shoes with their suit, with their hat, with their car, with their house. It just goes. I think everyone should match."

20/10/2003 13:45