Actor David Arquette enjoyed an unconventional upbringing on a religious hippy commune.

The EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS star, married to Friends beauty Courteney Cox, thoroughly enjoyed his early life, when he was taught to embrace all religions.

He explains, "It was a spiritual belief system that encompassed a lot of different religions - Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, Christianity. My father was raised a Christian, my mother was raised Jewish and then we were brought up with all these other religions, so it was an interesting philosophy.

"It just sort of combined the best things about religion and it was based around being the best person you could be. It's made me understanding to other religions, obviously, and it's given me a strong centre as far as what I want to do with my life, how I wanna conduct my life and who I wanna be as a person."

09/11/2003 21:16