LATEST: David Arquette has announced he'll not only provide the voice of a squirrel in his new TV show DIRT SQUIRREL, he'll also dress up as one.

In the proposed animated series, which Arquette is producing with his wife Courteney Cox, the SCREAM actor will play the crime-fighting title character, and he'll be wearing bundles of fake fur to resemble one of the nut-loving creatures.

Arquette, whose off-beat fashion sense has attracted endless attention, says, "I play a giant squirrel in a costume. I actually wrote this with a friend of mine, BEN JOSEPH. I live in a cartoon family's house and then we fight crime against neighbourhood pests. "Paul Reubens is racoon in it and Lukas Haas is a raccoon as well. Courteney plays GO GO GOPHER of THE GOPHERETTES. It's good times."

Arquette will learn in June (05) if MTV bosses plan to pick up the series.

23/05/2005 03:18