Hollywood actor David Arquette is starring in a movie recounting the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra's son.

Arquette, who is expecting his first child with SCREAM co-star wife Courteney Cox this summer (03), will next be seen on the small screen in American cable network Showtime's STEALING SINATRA, based on the 1963 kidnapping of FRANK SINATRA JR, debuting on 25 April (03).

He says, "It's this black comedy in a sense, although not a very funny situation at the time, I'm sure.

"We sort of make light of it and hopefully don't offend the Sinatra family too much."

AMERICAN PIE star Thomas Ian Nicholas will play Sinatra Jr, while WILLIAM H MACY will also feature.

Sinatra Jr was released two days after his 9 December (63) kidnapping, once a $240,000 (GBP130,300) ransom was paid by his family.

26/03/2004 09:27