Quirky actor David Arquette is finally ditching his outlandish style, after realising how much he hates one of his wildest outfits.

Arquette, who is expecting his first child with wife and SCREAM co-star Courteney Cox, appeared in Jay Leno's chat show on Wednesday night (30MAR04) in a loud suit made from old 1970s curtains - and he soon realised that outrageous attire was no longer his style.

He told the comedian, "You might be thinking why am I wearing this and I'm actually thinking the same thing! I had this made. Nobody really thinks of making suits out of curtains. Now I know why!

"I was standing backstage and I was looking at myself and I was like, 'What am I doing?'"

But Arquette admitted his even bigger regret is one of Wayne Newton's old tuxedos, explaining, "It's a silly suit. It's like a one-piece jumpsuit then you put a tuxedo jacket over it. It's all bedazzled. It's ridiculous. I wore it once to an awards show or something.

"I understand I've got a problem and I need help!"

To mark the abandoning of his wacky style, Arquette handed Leno a green foam peacock which turns into a hat.

02/04/2004 17:35