Actor David Arquette is hoping to get to know sex-change celebrity Chaz Bono when the two stars start dancing on TV in September (11) - because his own sister is transgender.
The Scream star's sibling Alexis was born a man but had a gender re-alignment and is now a woman, and Arquette feels sure he and Bono will become close as contestants on America's Dancing With The Stars.
Speaking to Los Angeles radio DJ Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday (30Aug11), the actor says, "I'm just looking forward to having some time, where I can just sit and talk to him 'cause Alexis, my sister, is transgender and I grew up with her and I saw some of the struggles she had.
"I've a ton of respect for her (Bono) doing this... I like anything that sheds light on fear."
Bono was born singer Cher's daughter but underwent surgery and treatment to become a man.