David Arquette ditched his wild partying ways and his penchant for collecting junk when horror guru Wes Craven warned him Courtney Cox would refuse to settle down with him if he didn't change.

The eccentric actor, 33, met his pregnant FRIENDS star Cox on the set of 1996 movie SCREAM, and Arquette admits director Craven's words of wisdom helped him curb his wild behaviour and focus on a relationship with the actress.

David recalls, "Wes told me that if I wanted to work things out with Courtney, I had to settle down. Up until then I was goofing around a lot, drinking and partying and stuff. But Courtney changed my life. Scream was a blessing.

"I've been prohibited from attending any more swap-meets. I've had to move all my collections out of the house. It was hard, but I'm happy about the baby."

28/03/2004 10:35