Actor David Arquette will get rid of two of his vehicles in preparation for his first child - because he wants a more environmentally-friendly car.

Arquette, whose child with wife and SCREAM co-star Courteney Cox is expected to arrive in the summer (04), has already scaled down his bizarre collection of clothes and memorabilia to make room for his offspring. But he's also realised he'll have to clear out his garage too.

He says, "I have this 4X4 van. I got it thinking we'd go on vacation all the time and the first trip we took was to Big Bear and I got lost. It took us, like, six hours to drive a two-hour trip. It was really bouncy and Courteney was a little car sick so it didn't go well... and my niece threw up in the back. It really was a bad trip!

"I'm also having to get rid of (my 1957 CHEVROLET). It's a great car, (but) since I've got a kid on the way, I'm thinking about the ozone layer and this car sort is very gassy - a lot of exhaust. So I have to get rid of it."

Arquette is hoping to get a hybrid electric car instead.

04/04/2004 20:52