Quirky actor David Arquette received a thoughtful gift from ELLEN DeGENERES for his unborn child - a miniature bright green suit to match one of his wacky outfits.

Arquette and his SCREAM co-star wife Courteney Cox are preparing to welcome their first child into the world in the summer (04).

And DeGeneres decided to have the outfit put together after seeing the suit Arquette wore to MUPPETS star KERMIT THE FROG's induction onto Hollywood's Walk of Fame in 2002.

As she handed him the gift on her chat show this morning (22APR04), she said, "Whatever your baby is - boy or a girl - I know it's gonna dress very, very interestingly so we made a little outfit."

A pleasantly surprised Arquette - notorious for his bizarre dress sense - cooed, "That is the greatest thing I've ever seen! That is adorable."

22/04/2004 21:06